Flood relief after dam breach

The breach of the Kakhovka dam represents an enormous violation of international law. It has destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of people and animals and has already caused the first casualties. There is also a huge risk to the nearby Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which pumps cooling water from the Kakhovka reservoir.

In order to handle the situation, the Ukrainian civil protection immediately contacted its allies. In Germany, the THW has set the first aid on the way on the same day. Thanks to the professional help of the THW, Germany was one of the first 3 countries in the world to provide immediate assistance. Here is a list.

Help provided

The aid listed here shows only the known government-funded aid to Ukraine. Further aid is on its way to Ukraine from countless humanitarian organizations.

2,016 Blankets thw.de 06/17/2023
? Boats twitter.com 06/21/2023
1 Drinking water treatment plant twitter.com 07/18/2023
1 Drinking water treatment plant (WTC 5000) thw.de 06/17/2023
1395 Field beds twitter.com (400) + thw.de (995) 07/10/2023
56 Generators thw.de 06/17/2023
? Life jackets twitter.com 06/21/2023
8 Oil heater type THW OEH 25-F for tents + wheel set twitter.com 07/10/2023
37 Pumps twitter.com 06/21/2023
1 Roll-off container twitter.com 06/21/2023
279 Tents twitter.de (100) + thw.de (179) 07/10/2023
5,000 Water filter (Katadyn Rapidyn 10l set) thw.de 06/17/2023
Kleiner Generator des THW
Wasserfilter des THW
Generator des THW