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German military aid to Ukraine — Week 15 / 2024

For the seventh time this year, the German government made the deliveries of military assistance to Ukraine public, which were carried out in the past weeks.

In addition to providing assistance with RQ-35 Heidrun or Vector reconnaissance drones, which can be found under new deliveries every time the official list is updated, the focus this time was on supporting the Ukrainian infantry, especially the SOF (Special Operations Forces).

A large number of different rifles from the German manufacturer C.G. Haenel were supplied, as well as a million rounds of suitable ammunition. The full list of German support reads as follows.

  • 30 RQ-35 Heidrun UAVs
  • 16 Vector UAVs
  • 1 Bronco ATTC command vehicle
  • 3 mine ploughs
  • 2 WiSENT 1 MC mine clearing tanks
  • 5,000 blasting caps & detonators
  • 11 mobile, remote controlled and protected demining devices
  • 120 CR 308 rifles
  • 50 HLR 338 precision rifles
  • 680 MK 556 assault rifles
  • 6,000 155mm artillery shells
  • 1,000,000 rounds of firearm ammunition
  • 30 frequency range extensions for anti-drone devices
  • 70 IR devices
  • 24 outboard motors

Firearms for Ukrainian SOF

As already mentioned at the beginning, a large part of the last deliveries were made available to the Ukrainian infantry — especially Ukrainian special forces and volunteers with the International Legion.

These include 120 CR 308 rifles, 50 HLR 338 precision rifles and 680 MK 556 assault rifles, as well as one million rounds of ammunition in various calibres. All firearms were manufactured by the German manufacturer C.G. Haenel and are part of a larger contract.

HLR 338
One of the HLR 338 precision rifles

A total of 850 CR 308 rifles, 500 HLR 338 precision rifles and 5,000 MK 556 assault rifles are to be delivered to Ukraine. Back in October last year, Germany put together a €20 million package for Ukraine, which was intended to support Ukrainian special forces. In addition to vehicles and personal equipment, the package also included firearms.

Although Germany is the world’s largest supporter of Ukraine after the USA, in the past little attention was actually paid to equipping ground troops with firearms. 100 MG3 and 100 MG5 were the exception. This seems to be changing fundamentally with the latest and future deliveries.

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