TRML-4D presentation of Diehl DefenceImage: Diehl Defence TRML-4D presentation of Diehl DefenceImage: Diehl Defence

Germany is financing the delivery of six TRML-4D air surveillance radars to Ukraine

The German defence company HENSOLDT will deliver six additional TRML-4D air surveillance radars to Ukraine during this year to support Ukraine in its defence campaign against the Russian armed forces.

HENSOLDT announced this on its website without actually naming the contractor. However, a company spokesperson confirmed to me that although the contract was concluded between HENSOLDT and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, the German government is covering the bill of over €100 million.

This is the second time that the German government has signed a contract for the delivery of TRML-4D air surveillance radars to Ukraine, as eight of these state-of-the-art radars were already delivered last year.

In addition, the TRML-4D is also part of the IRIS-T SLM air defence system, which has already been delivered to Ukraine three times and is performing outstandingly well there — not the least thanks to its cutting-edge radar.

Counting all the radars delivered and pledged, both from separate orders and those that are part of IRIS-T SLM, HENSOLDT has already delivered 27 TRML-4Ds to Ukraine on behalf of the German government or will do so in the future.

Ukrainian soldier is operating a TRML-4D
A Ukrainian soldier is operating a TRML-4D as part of the IRIS-T SLM air defence system

Considering that each of these radars is capable of tracking up to 1,500 targets within a radius of up to 250 kilometres and that Ukraine has not yet lost a single one, these are powerful air defence capabilities that Germany is providing to Ukraine.

The CEO of HENSOLDT also shares this view. In the HENSOLDT press release, he is quoted as follows.

“Our radars are urgently needed by the Ukrainian air defence and we are proud to be able to deliver all the systems this year. The feedback from our customers confirms how important the rapid availability of the radars is for the protection of their citizens.”


It is well known that the German government supports some areas of Ukraine’s military capabilities particularly strongly — such as air defence.

So far, for example, Ukraine has been bolstered by Germany with three IRIS-T SLMs, two MIM-104 Patriots, 52 Gepard SPAAGs and thousands of MANPADS. Much more is currently still in production for Ukraine and will be delivered in the coming months and years.

The contract now concluded for the delivery of six additional air surveillance radars fits perfectly into this picture.

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