MAN KAT1 A1 load-handling thumbnailImage: Bundeswehr / Dagmar Benner MAN KAT1 A1 load-handling thumbnailImage: Bundeswehr / Dagmar Benner

Germany pledges short-term military aid worth 100 million euros to Ukraine

Shortly before the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the German government is pledging new military aid worth around 100 million euros to Ukraine.

This was announced today by the German Ministry of Defence on their website. Germany’s Chief of Defence, General Carsten Breuer, announced this package already on the 11th of February after his visit to Ukraine on his X-Account without giving exact details.

With the today’s publication, we now got more detailed information about the content of the package. The 100 million euro military aid package includes the following items.

  • an unknown number and type(s) of MRAPs
  • bombs for arming small drones
  • 77 MAN KAT1 A1 trucks (with load-handling system)
  • medical supplies
  • spare parts packages for various weapon systems

Apparently, this is an attempt to satisfy the current demand for specific weapon systems and equipment. Although urgently needed 155 mm ammunition is missing from this list, armoured and logistical vehicles, spare parts and medical supplies are always among the most important demands.

Apart from the relatively large amount of logistical vehicles, which guarantee the rapid supply of soldiers with supplies, especially ammunition, the “bombs” for small drones certainly catch the eye.

I can’t say for sure what exactly we are talking about. While some people are now thinking of special weaponry for drones, they may well be wrong. It could just as well be hand grenades, 40 mm ammunition for automatic grenade launchers or other material which is already being used by both sides during their “drone drops”.

We will certainly know more by the time these “bombs” appear in the official list of military assistance to Ukraine by Germany.

Apart from that, both the medical supplies and the various spare parts packages for several weapon systems that have already been delivered are particularly important here.

The issue of spare parts and the operational readiness of weapon systems supplied by the West, especially by Germany, is a recurring topic in Ukraine and in the media.

Just two days ago, Major General Christian Freuding, who is the Head of the Planning and Command Staff and the Head of the Situation Centre Ukraine in the German MoD, said that in the near future the training of Ukrainian soldiers by the Bundeswehr would be intensified in particular on the maintenance of supplied weapon systems to increase operational readiness in Ukraine.

In the end, we must not forget that this will certainly not be the last German military aid package for Ukraine and that there will certainly be another package this month — much bigger. At least that’s my personal assumption.

The regular deliveries to Ukraine are also continuing at the same time. As I said, this was not a package of previously announced military aid, but of new commitments to cover current needs of the AFU.

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