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German military aid to Ukraine — Week 9 / 2024

Shortly after the second anniversary of the full Russian invasion of Ukraine, the German government published the deliveries made to Ukraine in the past two weeks on its publicly accessible list of military assistance on the 26th of February 2024.

A broad mix was delivered, ranging from surveillance drones, ammunition and armoured vehicles to satellite communication terminals. The entire list comprises ten items and includes the following in detail.

  • 10 Vector UAVs
  • 22 anti-drone sensors and jammers
  • 4 WiSENT 1 MC mine clearing tanks
  • 4 border protection vehicles
  • 3 mobile, remote controlled and protected demining equipment
  • 250 tool kits with blasting material
  • 14,000 shells 155mm artillery ammunition
  • 9 rounds 40mm ammunition for grenade launchers (very likely just a correction)
  • 147 night vision goggles
  • 12 satellite communication terminals

The future delivery of ten additional Bergepanzer 2 ARVs was also announced — bringing the total pledged Bergepanzer 2 to 16!

More Vector UAVs for the AFU

As with almost every update, the delivery of further “Vector” surveillance drones manufactured by the German company Quantum-Systems was made public.

Vector UAV in Ukraine

A total of 10 of these high-quality VTOL UAVs were delivered to the AFU. This brings the total number of Vectors delivered by Germany to 182, of which only one drone was lost, according to publicly available sources.

Even though Germany more or less regularly supplies other drones to Ukraine, the Vector is definitely the backbone of German UAV deliveries.

Urgently needed ammunition

As always, urgently needed ammunition was also delivered. 14,000 155mm shells may not sound like much, but that covers the current consumption for at least a whole week, as not only 155mm is being used for artillery.

This will provide important time until the 122mm and 155mm calibre artillery ammunition procured via the Czech artillery ammunition initiative arrives in Ukraine. In addition, 14,000 155mm shells is a big step forward, even by German standards — and we supply most of the ammunition to Ukraine.

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