Do you have any questions about deaidua.org?
Then they will be answered here.

What is the purpose of deaidua.org?
deaidua.org is a private project that aims to help make half-truths and propaganda less influential in social media.

In these difficult times, we need a closely united EU and NATO.
Where does the entered data come from?
The data used in this project can be viewed on the following pages.

Furthermore, various videos and photos are linked via Twitter and other social media accounts. These are all respected and/or verified accounts.
How can I report incorrect information?
You can comfortably report incorrect information on my website using the contact form.

You are also welcome to email me at info[at]deaidua[dot]org.
How can I support you?
If you would like to support me in this project, the best way to do so is with a small donation .

Web hosting & domain are unfortunately not free. Apart from that, I have of course invested a lot of time in the project. But please do not donate money that you actually need yourself!
Thank you very much!
How can I help Ukraine?
If you would like to help the civilian population or the brave military directly, I can recommend the following fundraising campaigns.
UNITED24 (humanitarian / military)
Stuart and Steve Supporting Ukraine (humanitarian)
Ukraine Aid Ops (humanitarian / military)
Dzyga’s Paw (humanitarian / military)
DEFEND UKRAINE (humanitarian / military)

Thank you very much!

Do you have any other questions? You can always send me a message via the contact form or by email to info[at]deaidua[dot]org.