German bilateral assistance

As of 04/24/2023

Bilateral assistance

The Federal Republic of Germany provides intensive bilateral support to Ukraine in particular, but also to other partner countries that are geographically and strategically close. / Source:

Ministry Spendings Used where? Description
Federal Foreign Office €26,300,000 Ukraine Support in the field of humanitarian demining through NGOs, including hazard awareness, mine and ordnance clearance, mapping of exposures and support to Ukrainian civil protection through training and equipment.
Federal Foreign Office €22,550,000 Ukraine Support in the area of cybersecurity, for example the supply of hardware to the Ukrainian National Coordination Center of Cybersecurity.
Federal Foreign Office €22,000,000 Germany Scholarship and support programme at German universities for Ukrainian students affected by the war via the German Academic Exchange Service.

The following funds are budgeted:
  • 2022: €6,000,000
  • 2023: €8,000,000
  • 2024: €8,000,000
Federal Foreign Office €15,240,000 Ukraine Aid to Ukraine via the Goethe-Institut. Among other things, Ukrainian teachers were trained to work in schools in Germany, special scholarships were provided for Ukrainian cultural workers and the continuation of their work was made possible through mediation with German cultural institutions.

In addition, the continued existence of more than 70 cultural institutions in Ukraine has been guaranteed. The Goethe-Institut received the funds for this as special Ukraine funds from the supplementary budget 2022.
Federal Foreign Office €12,500,000 Ukraine Funding of €12,500,000 to support projects with Ukrainian civil society.

20 bilateral projects worth €2,400,000 and 48 multilateral projects with Ukrainian participation worth €8,300,000 are planned.

Area of foreign cultural and educational policy.
Federal Foreign Office €5,000,000 Ukraine Contribution to the Ukraine Action Plan in the Council of Europe.
Federal Foreign Office €4,610,000 Ukraine Secondment of German experts via the Centre for International Peace Operations to institutions in Ukraine.
Federal Foreign Office €4,500,000 Ukraine Promoting activities in the field of human rights, including support for UN missions.
Federal Foreign Office €3,500,000 Ukraine Contribution to the financing of the rotation of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) experts at Ukrainian nuclear power plants in 2023.
Federal Foreign Office €3,200,000 Germany Fellowships for Ukrainian academics at risk in Germany within the framework of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative via the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

For each of the years 2022 and 2023, €1,600,000 are budgeted.