German bilateral assistance

As of 04/24/2023

Bilateral assistance

The Federal Republic of Germany provides intensive bilateral support to Ukraine in particular, but also to other partner countries that are geographically and strategically close. / Source:

Ministry Spendings Used where? Description
Federal Ministry of Health €2,550,000 Ukraine The Federal Ministry of Health was able to provide 2,550,000 euros for the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS to support the HIV related measures of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in responding to the war in Ukraine and the effects in neighbouring countries Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro.
Federal Ministry of Health €2,300,000 Ukraine The “Global Health Protection Programme” supports a telemedical project of the Charité and the Robert Koch Institute.

Specialised staff from Charité can use telemedicine robots to make and guide therapy decisions together with Ukrainian specialists.
Federal Ministry of Health €1,100,000 Germany Federal funds worth €1,100,000 will be made available for the care of children in Ukraine.
Federal Ministry of Health €815,000 Ukraine Establishment of hybrid simulation centres for education and training of health workers in Ukraine. These hybrid simulation centres were set up at up to three Ukrainian clinics for education and training in child health.
Federal Ministry of Health €340,000 Germany Psychosocial live chat counselling for children, young people and adults in the project. Expansion of the ongoing low-threshold first aid offer in Ukrainian and Russian as well as in Cyrillic script.
Federal Ministry of Health €300,000 Germany Support for the “HYKIST” project, which has extended its AI-based translation solution to include the Ukrainian language.
Federal Ministry of Health €280,000 Ukraine In order to coordinate accommodation and care for children with palliative care needs from Ukraine, the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. (Federal Association of Children's Hospices) was commissioned to set up the coordination of children and young people from Ukraine in Germany who are in need of palliative care and need to be evacuated.
Federal Ministry of Health €180,000 Ukraine Promotion of health care in Ukraine under war conditions. Training, medical education and professional exchange via podcasts, for example work in the military hospital, care of polytrauma patients, burns, infection control and disease prevention.
Federal Ministry of Health €180,000 Ukraine In cooperation with Charité, e-learning modules for clinicians on complex cases have been or are being developed in Ukrainian, Russian, German and English.
Federal Ministry of Health €175,000 Ukraine Visits to German clinics by Ukrainian medical professionals on burn injuries and treatment methods.