German bilateral assistance
(as of 02/24/2023)

Bilateral assistance

The Federal Republic of Germany provides intensive bilateral support to Ukraine in particular, but also to other partner countries that are geographically and strategically close. / Source:

Ministry Spendings Used where? Description
Federal Ministry of Education and Research No data Germany Decentralised support measures at the institutes and centres of the non-university research institutions, for example through local scholarship programmes, integration concepts, opportunities for temporary continuation and creation of employment contracts, cooperation with local aid organisations, psychological support, Ukrainian-language health services, and provision of guest housing.
Federal Ministry of Finance €5,144,000,000 Germany Support for the Länder and communes in the accommodation and care of refugees from Ukraine with a sum of €2,000,000,000 in 2022 and €1,500,000,000 in 2023.

In addition, the federal government has made €1.500.000.000 available to the federal states and municipalities for additional expenses for refugees in general in 2022.

In addition, the federal states, which assumed hub functions in connection with the refugees from Ukraine and were thus exposed to special burdens, received compensation from the federal government totalling around €144,000,000 in 2022.
Federal Ministry of Finance €1,000,000,000 Ukraine Grant in favour of Ukraine through an account managed by the International Monetary Fund for Ukraine.
Federal Ministry of Finance €86,100,000 Germany Supporting state and communal authorities in accommodating Ukrainian refugees by making their own properties available as accommodation.

Currently, a total of 333 properties of the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks or parts thereof with a capacity of over 69,000 accommodation places have been made available to the federal states, districts and municipalities for the accommodation of asylum seekers and refugees.

In addition, the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks is currently offering a further 84 available federal properties to the authorities.

In addition, initial refurbishment and development costs were reimbursed. The costs for this are €7,200,000 in 2022.
Federal Ministry of Finance €12,000,000 Ukraine One-time payments to approximately 10,000 Holocaust survivors in Ukraine through the Jewish Claims Conference as part of the annual follow-up negotiations.
Federal Ministry of Finance €600,000 Ukraine Free transfer of decommissioned official vehicles of the Customs Administration. A total of 100 vehicles in several tranches are planned for the Ukrainian customs administration.
Federal Ministry of Finance €250,000 Ukraine Free handing over of clothing items of the former customs service clothing without nationality markings and other classification features.
Federal Ministry of Finance No data Germany Special hotline 24/7 of the Central Information Office of the Customs Administration for information on aid deliveries to Ukraine. Central Export Customs Office 24/7 at the Dresden Customs Office for federal aid deliveries.
Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture €15,530,000 Ukraine Increase bilateral cooperation projects with Ukraine by €2,130,000 to €10,530,000 in 2022 and 2023.

Additional funding from 2023 to 2025 of €5,000,000 for the new project "Self-sufficiency in food - fruit and vegetables".
Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture €9,000,000 Ukraine Financing of generators to supply electricity to farms and support for small farmers in areas particularly affected by the war.