German bilateral assistance
(as of 02/24/2023)

Bilateral assistance

The Federal Republic of Germany provides intensive bilateral support to Ukraine in particular, but also to other partner countries that are geographically and strategically close. / Source:

Ministry Spendings Used where? Description
Commissioner for Culture and Media €9,300,000 Germany Increase funding for Deutsche Welle to make an active contribution against Russian disinformation and propaganda.

Promotion of the JX Fund as an interface for offers of assistance from companies, government agencies and social initiatives for media professionals who have fled.
Commissioner for Culture and Media €5,240,000 Germany Various measures for Ukrainian and Russian cultural and media professionals in Germany. Funds provided are broken down in partial terms as listed below:

  • €750,000 to the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship
  • €678,000 to the Performing Arts Fund
  • €625,000 to the German Music Council
  • €500,000 to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
  • €500,000 to the Art Fund Foundation
  • €170,000 to the German Film Academy
  • €138,900 to the Nipkow Emergency Aid Programme
Commissioner for Culture and Media €3,500,000 Ukraine Funding of measures to protect Ukraine's cultural heritage. Support for the protection of art objects from war-related damage and the digitisation of archive holdings.

Funds are mainly disbursed via the Federal Institute for Culture and History of the Germans in Eastern Europe and the International Council of Museums.
Commissioner for Culture and Media €1,300,000 Germany Projects for and by artists from Ukraine as well as cultural events.
Federal Foreign Office €508,500,000 Ukraine Support humanitarian aid for people in need in Ukraine and for Ukrainian refugees in littoral countries through NGOs and international organisations, including upcoming winter aid.
Federal Foreign Office €100,400,000 Ukraine Support for the stabilisation of state and civil society institutions, especially in the liberated areas. Support in dealing with war crimes.
Federal Foreign Office €36,000,000 Ukraine Upgrading of the Ukrainian armed forces and security forces, including through vehicles, fuel and material donations.
Federal Foreign Office €30,000,000 Ukraine In the area of foreign cultural and educational policy, support projects worth a total of €30,000,000 are planned.
Federal Foreign Office €26,300,000 Ukraine Support in the field of humanitarian demining through NGOs, including hazard awareness, mine and ordnance clearance, mapping of exposures and support to Ukrainian civil protection through training and equipment.
Federal Foreign Office €26,000,000 Ukraine Supporting Ukraine in disaster management, for example with procurements for Ukrainian civil and disaster management authorities and taking over patients. This includes, for example, transport and evacuation costs and other healthcare related assistance.